Sege One is a visual artist, muralist, and creative designer based in Chicago, Illinois. He is known for his graffiti murals, commercial art, and creative design work. In his paintings the inspiration comes from the city he calls home, typography, and graphic design; While his focus is on color theory and application. 

Sege’s work has been featured in print and in online media publications including Handselecta/Flip the Script, Bizarre Beyond Belief, Bombing Science, 12oz. Prophet, and many others. His work has also been featured in art shows at GalerieF and Chicago Truborn

Sege was born in 1980 on Chicago’s north side and began writing graffiti in 1994. He has been drawing and painting since childhood, and has been a working artist/designer for the past 11 years. Today, the scope of his work spans a comprehensive variety of disciplines. He is called on by companies to design and execute attention grabbing murals and installations that build brand awareness and increase market share. Also, with a well-honed expertise in digital media, he is frequently commissioned to devise and implement innovative concepts that enhance a company’s brand and search optimization.